Terro-human Future History Concordance

"Lautier called Leo Belsher something you won't find in the dictionary but which nobody needs to look up."

— H. Beam Piper, Four-Day Planet

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A compendium of background and setting information from H. Beam Piper's Terro-human Future History stories and novels, organized into sections focused on characters, worlds, general information and gleanings from Future History works not yet in the public domain.

The Terro-human Future History Concordance was inspired by Mark Olson's original "Concordance to H. Beam Piper's Federation/Empire universe."  (Many entries in Olson's Concordance have not yet been transcribed to this Concordance.)


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Alan, Lord: Holder of Northport on Gram, pledged to King Angus [SV]

Almagro, Julio: Stellex crewmember [WC]

Angus, Duke of Wardshaven: Gram noble of the house of Ward, enemy of Duke Omfray of Glaspyth, later King of Gram [SV]

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Barron, Roger: Stellex crewmember; former Venusian politician [WC]

Belsher, Leo: [FDP]

Bentrick, Prince Simon: Commander of the Victrix [SV]

Boyd, Walter: Reporter for the Port Sandor Times on Fenris [FDP]

Brangwyn,Tom [GD; CC]: Litchfield town marshall on Poictesme [GD; CC]  Native of Hathor [JP]

Burrik, Nial: Space Viking, captain of the Fortuna, aligned with Andray Dunnan [SV]

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Cecelia, Dame: Wife of Nikkolay Trask [SV]

Ed Chalmers (detail)   Chalmers, Edward "Ed": First Century, AE, historian who "foresees" the future.[EK]

Chamberlain, Sid [OL]: Trans-Space News Service reporter on the first Terran mission to Mars.

Chandler, Bill [OL]: Zoologist member of the first Terran mission to Mars, collected animal specimens, including a lizard-like mammal and a bird in the Syrtis sea bottom.

Clifford, Charles "Charley": Stellex crewmember; medical doctor [WC]

Cutter: First Century, AE, Army major, Central Intelligence, sent to investigate Edward Chalmers's visions of the future; aware of U.S. plans to form Terran Federation should United Nations fail; apparently aware of Operation Triple Cross. [EK]

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Dacre, James: First Century, AE, Blanley College trustee; father of student in Edward Chalmers's Modern History IV class. [EK]

Martha Dane (detail)   Dane, Martha: One of three archaelolgists on the first Terran mission to Mars.  Translated the first Martian language. [OL]  The character is mentioned in The Battle of the Sexes in Science Fiction by Justine Larbalestier.

Davock, Slyvia: Stellex crewmember [WC]

Dandrik, Nelse [MD]: physics professor at the University of Asgard on Odin; opposed the discovery that micropositos seemed to be traveling back in time.

Dawes, Lester: Litchfiel banker [JP]  (This character is named Piet Dawes in "Graveyard of Dreams.")

Dawes, Piet: Litchfield banker [GD]  (This character is named Lester Dawes in The Cosmic Computer.)

Dero: one of the former Federation contragravity gun-boats recovered on Poictesme and renamed "for capital ships of the old System States Navy" by Klem Zareff. (A "dero" is fantastical subterranean creature made popular by science-fiction writer Richard S. Shaver.)[JP]

de Ruyter, Adriaan: Stellex crewmember [WC]

Dorflay, Harv [MD]: aged Captain-General of the Imperial Household Guard; always convinced he has discovered some plot against the Emperor.

Dranigo [KP]: familiar name of Lord Dranigrastan, Imperial noble who came to Terra to look for the Keeper's Crown.

Dranigrastan, Lord [KP]: Imperial noble who came to Terra to look for the Keeper's Crown (see Dranigo).

Duklass, Count [MD]: Minister of Economics under Emperor Paul XXII.

Dunnan, Andray: Nephew of Angus of Wardshaven, murderer of Elaine Trask, stole Duke Angus's ship Enterprise. [SV]

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Ector, General Dagro: Head of the Eglonsby Syndic for State Protection on Amaterasu [SV]

Eirrarsson [GD]: Second Century, AE, Martian Colonial poet, recalled by Conn Maxwell [GD]

Estherhan, Roger-fan-Morvill: Space Viking, captain of the Damnthing; his name suggests he's a Sword-Worlder's acknowledged bastard by an Old Federation woman [SV]

Everrard: Ruling family on Hoth [SV]

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Fawzi, Kurt [GD; CC]: mayor of Litchfield on Poictesme; one of the financiers of Conn Maxwell's education on Terra [GD; CC]; owner of Litchfield warehouse and brokerage business and the airline agency [GD]; father of Lynne Fawzi [GD];.

Fawzi, Lynne [GD]: daughter of Kurt Fawzi, with "a cloud of bright hair," girlfriend of Conn Maxwell [GD]  (This character does not appear in The Cosmic Computer; cf. Sylvie Jacquemont.)

Fenner, Marjorie: First Century, AE, secretary to Edward Chalmers and Max Pottgeiter at Blanley College. [EK]

Fergus, Duke of Wardshaven: Father of Angus of Wardshaven and of Andray Dunnan's mother [SV]

Ferriera, Mohammed: long-time field-agent for the Extraterrestrials' Rights Association on Uller; with Paula Quinton attacked by an Ulleran mob in Konkrook immediately after visiting Keeluk; rescued by Carlos von Schlichten.  [UU]

Ffayle, Lothar: Head of the Bank of Wardshaven on Gram, pledged to Duke Angus of Wardshaven, later head of Bank of Tanith [SV]

Field [OL]: Space Force Captain, intelligence, on the first Terran mission to Mars.  Assisted Martha Dane in her translation work.

Finchley (also spelled "Finchly") [OL]: Female member of first Terran mission to Mars who contracted local virus, she recovered when Ivan Fitzgerald isolated the germ.

Fitch, Leonard: First Century, AE, professor of psychology at Blanley College, supporter of Edward Chalmers. [EK]

Fitzgerald, Ivan [OL]: Space Force Major, medical, on the first Terran mission to Mars.  He isolated the Martian virus contacted by Finchley.  Assisted Martha Dane in her translation work.  A "big man [to Martha Dane] with red hair and a red face."

Fitzhurse, Reginald: Stellex crewmember [WC]

Flavia, Duchess: Wife of Duke Angus of Wardshaven, later Queen of Gram, and then divorced by Angus, Sister of Duke Joris of Bigglersport [SV]

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Gartner, Genji [GD; CC]: Seventh Century, AE, discoverer of Poictesme.

Gatworth, Charley [JP]: commander of the Gordon Valley Home Guard gunboat Vampire; son of Morgan Gatworth; first officer and astrogator of the Ouroboros II on her maiden voyage from Poictesme to Baldur [JP]

Gatworth, Morgan [JP]: Litchfield lawyer on Poictesme; father of Charley Gatworth; member of Kurt Fawzi's "gang" of Merlin prospectors [JP]

Gerrit, Anton: Mastermind of the Loki enslavement. Captured fifteen years later on Fenris while posing as Steve Ravick [FDP]

Gicquel, Laurent [OL]: French-Canadian Space Force Captain, engineering, on the first Terran mission to Mars.

Gorkrink [UU]: Ulleran, Prince of the Kingdom of Keegark, son of King Orgzild, and the daughter of Prince Jurnkonk; understood naturally-spoken Lingua Terra and believed to have been able to read it as well; learned to manufacture nuclear weapons while working for Terrans on Niflheim, played a central role in Keegarks's development of nuclear weapons; believed to have been killed while aboard the captured contragravity freighter Jan Smuts when it was destroyed during the Uprising.

Gorram, Alex: Shipbuilder on Gram,father of Basil Gorram, pledged to Duke Angus of Wardshaven [SV]

Gorram, Basil: Son of Alex Gorram [SV]

Gower, Katherine: Stellex crewmember [WC]

Gratham, Nicky: Ruler of Jaganath [SV]

Grauffis, Sir Rovard: Pledged to Duke Angus of Wardshaven, later Prime Minister of Gram under King Angus [SV]

Guellick: First Century, AE, student in Edward Chalmers's Modern History IV class. [EK]

Gurrash, Captain: Gilgamesher, captain of the Fairdealer [SV]

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Hale, Margaret: Stellex crewmember [WC]

Hallstock, Morton: Mayor of Port Sandor on Fenris and de facto world leader who fled to Terra after the Hunters' Co-operative revolt [FDP]

Handley: First Century, AE, head of the Latin Department at Blanley College [EK]

Hauserman: First Century, AE, psychiatrist at Northern State Mental Hospital who examines Edward Chalmers. [EK]

Harkaman, Otto: Space Viking asked by Duke Angus of Wardshaven to command the Enterprise, an amateur historian [SV]

Hartzenbosch, Professor: Principal of the Port Sandor school on Fenris [FDP]

Havilgar, Prince: Haulteclere Space Viking who led an unsuccessful raid on Aton 120 years ago, the last time Space Vikings raided a civilized planet [SV]

Hemmerding, Rolve: Wardshaven gentleman-adventurer aboard the Nemesis [SV]

Jack Holloway (detail)

Little Fuzzy (detail)
Michael Whelan
Ace 1975

Holloway, Jack: Zarathustra prospector; first to encounter Fuzzies.[LF]

Humfort, Vann: Space Viking, captain of the Yo-Yo, aligned with Andray Dunnan [SV]

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ib'n Hussein, Khalid: Arab statesman and pro-Western leader of newly-formed Islamic Caliphate assassinated, presumably at the inspiration of the Eastern Axis, while leaving the Parliament Building at Basra in 32 AE (1973). Described as "greatest Moslem since Saladin."[EK, pp. 13, 17, 30, 36]

ib'n Khalid, Tallal: Son of Khalid ib'n Hussein who eventually seceeded his father after his assassination and brought the Islamic Caliphate into the Terran Federation in 32, AE. [EK, pp. 16-7]

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Jacquemont, Sylvie [JP]: daughter of Yves Jacquemont, girlfriend and later fianceé of Conn Maxwell [JP]  (This character does not appear in "Graveyard of Dreams;" cf. Lynne Fawzi.)

Jan, Gunsalis: Secretary to Pedrosan Pedro on Amaterasu [SV]

Joris, Duke: Holder of Bigglersport on Gram, pledged to King Angus, brother of Flavia [SV]

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Karffard, Alvyn: Otto Harkaman's executive officer [SV]

Karski, Fred: Member of the Gordon Valley Home Guard, boyhood companion of Conn Maxwell [JP]

Karvall, Lady Lavina (nee Sandrasan): Wife of Sesar Karvall, mother of Elaine Trask and sister to Burt Sandrasan [SV]

Karvall, Sesar: Father of Elaine Trask and Baron of Karvallmills, pledged to Duke Angus of Wardshaven [SV]

Kelton, Dolf [GD; CC]: Superintendent and professor of the Litchfield Academy; member of Kurt Fawzi's "gang" of Merlin prospectors [GD; CC]  Secretary of the Board of Litchfield Exploration & Salvage, Ltd. [JP]

Kendrick: First Century, AE, student in Edward Chalmers's Modern History IV class. [EK]

Kintour, Stafan: Space Viking, captain of the Princess of Lyonesse [SV]

Kirbey, Guatt: Otto Harkaman's hyperspatial astrogator, an amateur music composer [SV]

Kivelson, Joe: Fenris monster-hunter, skipper of the hunting ship Javelin, one of the leaders of the Hunter's Co-operative revolt, and father of Linda and Tom Kivelson [FDP]

Kivelson, Linda: Daughter of Joe and elder sister of Tom Kivelson, sent to school on Terra [FDP]

Kivelson, Tom: Fenris monster-hunter and boyhood friend of Walter Boyd. Son of Joe and younger brother of Linda Kivelson [FDP]

Koreff, Paul: Nemesis signals-and-detection officer [SV]

Koremitsu, Sachiko (Sachi) [OL]: Japanese Space Force Lieutentant, ordnance, on first Terran mission to Mars.  Assisted Martha Dane in her translation work.

Krull, Lisette: Stellex crewmember [WC]

Kubanoff, Julio: Former monster-hunter, now compositor for the Port Sandor Times [FDP]

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Larch, Van: Otto Harkaman's guns-and-missiles officer, an amateur painter [SV]

Lattimer, Anthony (Tony) [OL]: One of three archaeologists on the first Terran mission to Mars.

Lautier, Adolf: Fenris entertainment promoter. Co-owner of the Port Sandor telecast station [FDP]

Ledue [GD; CC]: Litchfield judge; member of Kurt Fawzi's "gang" of Merlin prospectors [GD; CC]

Lindemann [OL]: Space Force Major, engineering, on the first Terran mission to Mars.  Assisted Sid Chamberlain in his newsgathering.

Lionel, Count: Holder of Newhaven on Gram, ally of Angus of Wardshaven [SV]

Lucas, Wade [JP]: doctor engaged to Flora Maxwell, native of Baldur who came to Poictesme after completing medical school; encouraged to relocate from Storisende by Rodney Maxwell, Judge Ledue, and Kurt Fawzi after coming to Litchfield to learn about salvaged medical equipment; formed medical salvage brokerage Mainland Medical Materials, Ltd., with Rodney Maxwell after the search for Merlin began; traveled to Baldur aboard the Ouroboros II on her maiden voyage from Poictesme [JP]

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Maxwell, Conn [GD; CC]: Prospector for Merlin on Poictesme; son of Rodney Maxwell; graduate of University of Montivideo on Terra [GD; CC]  Born c871 AE.

Maxwell, Charley [GD]: Conn Maxwell's younger brother [GD]    (This character does not appear in The Cosmic Computer.)

Maxwell, Flora [GD; CC]: Conn Maxwell's older sister [GD; CC]  Assistant principal for the grade schools of the Litchfield Academy [JP]

Maxwell, Rodney [GD; CC]: Poistesme salvager and Conn Maxwell's father [GD; CC]

McDonald, Dave: Stellex crewmember; naturalist [WC]

Menardes, Lorenzo [JP]: Litchfield distiller on Poictesme; member of Kurt Fawzi's "gang" of Merlin prospectors [JP]

Miles, Jeff [OL]: Space Force Captain on the first Terran mission to Mars.

Morbes, Captain: Commander of the Durendal freighter Rozinante [SV]

Morgan, Rock: Space Viking, captain of the Coalsack [SV]

Morland, Sir Paytrick: Former guard-captain of Count Lionel of Newhaven on Gram recruited to command the ground fighters and combat contragravity aboard the Nemesis [SV]

Muramoto, Arthur: Stellex crewmember [WC]

Murell, Glenn: [FDP]

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Napolyon: King of Flamberge [SV]

Narvaes, Laurenço: Stellex crewmember [WC]

Noureed, Mohammed: Egyptian Arab and religious fanatic who assassinated Khalid ib'n Hussein, stoned to death immediately afterward [EK]

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Omfray, Duke: Holder of Glaspyth on Gram, enemy of Duke Angus of Wardshaven, fled to Haulteclere after Angus became King of Gram [SV]

Ormm, Sir Nevil: Andray Dunnan's henchman, killed when the Enterprise was destroyed [SV]

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Patterson, Nancy: Stellex crewmember [WC]

Pedro, Pedrosan: President of the Eglonsby Council of Syndics on Amaterasu [SV]

Hubert Penrose (detail)

"Omnilingual" (detail)
Kelly Freas
Astounding, Feb. '57

Penrose, Hubert: Space Force Colonel, commander of the first Terran mission to Mars.  Assisted Martha Dane in her translation work.[OL]  (Perhaps inspired by or conceived of as a descendant of Boies Penrose, 1897-1921, Senator from Pennsylvania during Piper's childhood and teen years.)

Perales, Blackie [JP]: former planter in an agricultural region to the south of Litchfield on Poictesme; turned outlaw after foreclosure on his plantation; leader of pirates who hijacked the contragravity ship Harriet Barne [JP]

Pottgeiter, Max: First Century, AE, colleague of Edward Chalmers, specialist in Medieval history. [EK]

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Rathmore, Baron Hugh: Pledged to Duke Angus of Wardshaven [SV]

Ravick, Steve: Leader of the Hunters' Co-operative on Fenris [FDP] See Gerrit, Anton

Renner, Sharll: Otto Harkaman's normal-space astrogator [SV]

Ridgerd, Duke: Holder of Didreksburg on Gram [SV]

Rodolf: King of Excalibur [SV]

Rojansky, Doc: Doctor at the Port Sandor hospital on Fenris [FDP]

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Sancia: Sister of Duke Ridgerd of Didreksburg on Gram whose second husband was poisoned, rumoredly by Ridgerd [SV]

Sandrasan, Burt: Holder of engine works on Gram, brother of Lavina Karvall, and pledged to Duke Angus of Wardshaven, later held Karvallmills after the death of Sesar Karvall [SV]

Sasstroff, Horris: Trader, captain of the Honest Horris, aligned with Andray Dunnan [SV]

Senta [GD; CC]: proprietess of Litchfield's premier eatery; "fat and dumpy, in one of her preposterous red-and-purple dresses, bustling about, bubbling happily one moment and screaming invective at some laggard waiter the next." [GD; CC]

Shanlee, Mike: Aide-de-camp to Foxx Travis [JP]

Shapiro, Francis Xavier: Resident-Agent at Krink during the Uller Uprising [UU]

Smith, Al: Pre-Atomic Era politician (born -70 PA, died 1 AE) in the former North American regional sovereignty known as the United States, quoted by Walt Boyd.[FDP, p. 160]

Smith, Luther: Stellex crewmember [WC]

Smith, Tom: First Century, AE, professor of math at Blanley College; supporter of Edward Chalmers. [EK]

Spasso, Garvan: Space Viking, captain of the Lamia, later Chief of Police at Glaspyth under King Angus of Gram, still later granted a barony of former Glaspyth lands [SV]

Standish, Gloria [OL]: Pan-Federation Telecast System reporter on the first Terran mission to Mars.

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Tranter, Mort [OL]: Civilian chemist on the first Terran mission to Mars.

Trask, Elaine (nee Karvall): Bride of Lucas Trask and daughter of Sesar Karvall. Killed by Andray Dunnan [SV]

Trask, Lucas: Originally Baron of Traskon on Gram in the Sword-Worlds, later owner of the Space Viking starship Nemesis and founder of the Tanith colony, still later Prince of Tanith [SV]

Trask, Sir Nikkolay: Cousin to Lucas Trask and Trask family lawyer, later vicar-baron of Traskon under Duke Angus [SV]

Travis, Force General Foxx: Commander of the Terran Federation Third Fleet-Army Force on Poictesme during the System States War [JP]

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Vaghn, Teodor: Space Viking, captain of the Starhopper, aligned with Andray Dunnan [SV]

Valdive, Baron: Gram noble, father of Angus's second wife, Evita [SV]

Valkanhayn, Boake: Space Viking, captain of the Space-Scourge [SV]

Valpry, Lord: Wardshaven gentleman-adventurer aboard the Nemesis [SV]

Veltrin, Franz [GD; CC]: journalist with the (Litchfield) News on Poictesme; member of Kurt Fawzi's "gang" of Merlin prospectors [GD; CC]

Viktor, Prince: Ruler of Xochitl, a Haulteclere noble [SV]

Vyckhoven, Jake: President of Poictesme, member of the First Families of Storisende [JP]

Selim von Ohlmhorst (detail), original Astounding cover illustration by Kelly Freas, 1957

"Omnilingual" (detail)
Kelly Freas
Astounding, Feb. '57

Von Ohlmhorst, Selim: One of three archaelolgists on the first Terran mission to Mars.  Of Turkish and German descent.  The leading authority in Hittitology at the time. [OL]

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Ware, Bish: [FDP]

Weill, Stanley: Edward Chalmers's lawyer, apparently would be killed in explosion at Reno. [EK]

Whitburn, Lloyd: First Century, AE, President of Blanley College; critic of Edward Chalmers. [EK]

Wong, Harry: Bar proprietor on Fenris [FDP]

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Xantos, Chris: Port Sandor police second lieutenant on Fenris [FDP]

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Yaggo, First Citizen Zhorzh: People's Manager-in-Chief of the Planetary Commonwealth of Aditya. [MD] [JP]

Yamazaki, Phil: telecast operator at Kankad's Town on Uller. [UU] [JP]

Ybarra, Pancho, M.D., Psych.D.: naval lieutenant and chief psychologist on Xerxes; played key role in determination of Fuzzy sapience. [LF]  Assigned to temporary duty with the Colonial Government. [FS] [JP]

Yeniguchi, Len: Litchfield tailor. [JP]

Yirzy, Countess: Prince Travann's mistress. [MD] [JP]

Yoorkerk: native king of Grank on Uller. [UU]

Yorimitsu: sergeant of colonial constabulary on Zarathustra. [LF]

Yorn: great-grandfather of Raud the Keeper; the son of Raud and grandson of Runch; father of Raud. [KP]

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Zahanov, Karl: Stellex crewmember [WC]

Zareff, Klem: former System States Alliance Army colonel, had commanded a division during the System States War that had been blasted down to about regimental strength; from Ashmodai, retired on Poictesme [GD; CC]  Commander of the Gordon Valley Home Guard militia [JP]

Zarvas, Baron: Baron of Blackcliffe, grandfather of Angus of Wardshaven and great-grandfather of Andray Dunnan [SV]

Zhorgay, Sir Maxamon: Sesar Karvall's henchman [SV]

Zilker, Reverend Hiram: Orthodox-Monophysite preacher on Fenris [FDP]

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Abigor: World from which ten thousand refugees fled with remnants of the System States Alliance navy to settle Excalibur. [SV]

Agni: Old Federation world with B-7 sun. [SV]

Aditya: A planet colonized in the late Federation era; fell into barbarism after the collapse of the Federation; conquered by Space Vikings from Morglay, abandoned when Morglay became embroiled in a Sword-Worlds dynastic war; reconquered by the first Galactic Empire. [SS] A member planet in the First Empire era. [MD]

Amaterasu: Pre-atomic Old Federation world raided by Trask's Space Vikings. Eglonsby and Stolgoland states, extensive gadolinium deposits. [SV]

Ashmodai: An Alliance planet devastated, along with major city Kindelburg, by the Federation in the System States War, Klem Zareff's homeworld in the late Federation era.. [JP]

Aton: A 'civilized'world which had maintained the culture of the Terran Federation uninteruptedly. [SV]

Audhumla: Marduk trade planet in the Old Federation. [SV]

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Baldur: A 'rational planet' known for honey-rum.[FDP]  Had some sort of public health care in the Federation era (". . . the free public ward of a big hospital at Paris-on-Baldur. . . ."[FDP, p. 197] A 'civilized' world which had maintained the culture of the Terran Federation uninteruptedly.[SV]

Baphomet: A Federation era colony planet. [LF] An Alliance world devastated by the Federation in the Systems States War. [JP]

Belphegor: an Alliance world devastated by the Federation in the Systems States War. [JP] A major world in the First Empire era. [SS]

Beowulf: Pre-hyperdrive Old Federation world raided by Task's Space Vikings, fourth planet of an F-7 star, Antarctic continent. [SV]

Britomart: planet in the Gartner Trisystem, abandoned after the System States War. [JP]

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Calidore: planet in the Gartner Trisystem, abandoned after the System States War. [JP] Old Federation world with Buddhist religion. [SV]

Colada: Sword-World, birthplace of Otto Harkaman [SV]

Curtana: Sword-World, approximately 320 light years from Morglay. Windsor Spaceport [SV]

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Dagon [SV]: Space Viking base planet

Deirdre [MD]: a world of the Galactic Empire.

Dremna [KP]: "the Great World," the capital of the Fifth Empire.

Durendal: Sword-World settled by colonists from Excalibur. Ravaged by onging fratricidal war for control of the Royal throne [SV]

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Excalibur: Original Sword-World settled by refugees from Abigor in the Ninth Century, AE. Where Elaine Trask (nee Karvall) attended school, apparently the most important Sword World, with 'clear blue skies and stars at night', ruled by King Rodolf, site of University of Camelot, approximately 30 light years from Gram [SV]

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Fenris [FDP]: Second planet of a G4 star, 650 light-years to the galactic southwest of the Sol System.[FDP. pp 4-5] Colonized in the 4th Century, AE by the Chartered Fenris Company. Six-months out from Terra by hyperspace ship, beyond Volund and 500 hours short of Odin. Port Sandor, spaceport and only major city. Hermann Reuch's Land region, South Ocean.  Has three moons: "There wasn't a cloud in the sky and two of Fenris's three moons were making everything as bright as day."[FDP, p. 125]

Flamberge: Sword-World settled by colonists from Excalibur, ruled by King Napolyon, Terra-type [SV]

Freya: A 'rational planet'. Native world of the oukry beast of burden [FDP]

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Gilgamesh: A 'civilized' world that had endured two centuries of darkness and had pulled themselves out of it , religious culture (Yah the Almighty), sharp traders, blue triangle in a white circle religious symbol [SV]

Gram: Sword-World settled by colonists from Haulteclere, with constant cloudveil, birthplace of Lucas Trask, approximately 30 light years from Excalibur and 200 light years from Morglay. Bigglersport Spaceport, Southmain Continent, gum-pear brandy [SV]

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Hathor: high-gravity planet with permanent cloud envelope, Tom Brangwyn's homeworld in the late Federation era. [JP] Source of vanadium and wolfram, native sophont species homeworld. [FS]

Haulteclere: Sword-World settled by colonists from Joyeuse, Terra-type. [SV]

Hertha: Primitive Old Federation world [SV]

Hovendile: Planet in the Gartner Trisystem, abandoned after the System States War, main city is Port Saunders. [JP]

Hoth: Space Viking base planet with shipyard, ruled by the Everrards. [SV] Planet colonized before the System States War that had yet to industrialize. [JP]

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Imhotep: Old Federation world known for furs [SV]

Irminsul: Old Federation world known for vegetable-amber and flame-bird plumes [SV] Planet colonized before the System States War that had yet to industrialize [JP]

Isis: A 'civilized'world which had maintained the culture of the Terran Federation uninteruptedly [SV]

Ithunn: Old Federation world [SV]

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Janicot: Gartner Trisystem world, abandoned after the System States War, its main city was Yellowmarsh. [JP]

Jaganath (or Jagannath): Space Viking base planet with shipyard, settled by father of Nicky Gratham, with two ships. [SV]

Joyeuse: Sword-World settled by colonists from Excalibur. [SV]

Jurgen: Gartner Trisystem world, abandoned after the System States War, cities included Chloris and Anaïtis. [JP]

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Khepera: Primitive Old Federation world raided by Trask's Space Vikings, thirty light years from Tanith, former Member Republic in the Terran Federation, kregg animal [SV]

Koshchei: Gartner Trisystem planet; site of Federation military installation during the System States War. [JP]

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Loki: Homeworld of native race enslaved by Anton Gerrit. Known for mining [FDP]

Lugaluru: Old Federation world [SV]

Luna: Colonized by early Second Century, AE.[EK, pp. 21-2]  There is a communications relay here which supported the first mission to Mars. [OL]

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Malebolge: Planet colonized before the System States War that had yet to industrialize [JP]

Marduk: A 'civilized' planet which had maintained the culture of the Federation into the Space Viking era uninteruptedly. [SV]

Mars: Colonized by early Second Century, AE; later revolted. [EK]

Melkarth: Primitive Old Federation world. [SV]

Mephistopheles: System States Alliance planet. [JP]

Midgard: A Federation planet; apparently suffered from nuclear weapons use. [UU]

Mimir: A Federation planet.[UU, LF, CC, FOP]  Source of nitrates; "swarming with a race of semi-intelligent quasi-rodents, murderous, treacherous, utterly vicious" (perhaps the "black slinkers" of LF); apparently suffered from nuclear weapons use [UU]  Visited by Jack Holloway; homeworld of "black slinkers" (perhaps the "quasi-rodents" of UU) [LF]  Apparently reknown for its "equatorial cloudbursts" [JP]  Visited by Jack Holloway. [FOP]

Morglay: Sword-World, approximately 320 light years from Curtana and 200 light years from Gram. [SV]

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Nergal: Space Viking base planet; natives have coarse black hair, mahogany-brown skin, and red-brown, almost maroon eyes [SV]

Nifflheim: Flourine-atmosphere planet with a name "used by spacemen as a swear word" [FDP]

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Obidicut: Old Federation world. [SV]

Odin: A 'rational planet', five-hundred hours out from Fenris by hyperspace ship. [FDP] Asgard Spaceport.  Four months out from Terra by hyperspace ship. [JP] A 'civilized'world which had maintained the culture of the Terran Federation uninteruptedly. [SV]

Osiris: A major world in the late Federation era. [JP] A major world in the First Empire era. [SS]

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Pantagruel: World with multiple moons in the Gamma system of the Gartner Trisystem, three light years from the Alpha system. [JP]

Panurge: planet in the Gartner Trisystem, abandoned after the System States War. [JP]

Poictesme: Headquarters of the Terran Federation Third Fleet- Army Force during the System States War. Located in the Alpha system of the Gartner Trisystem. Six months out from Terra by hyperspace ship, two months beyond Odin. Litchfield, home of Conn Maxwell; Calder Range, mountains outside of Litchfield, toward Storisende; Gordon Valley, location of Litchfield, site of wine-melon cultivation; Barathrum island continent; Waterville, east coast town [JP]

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Quernbiter: one of the Sword-World whose "names were a roll-call of fabulous blades of Old Terran legend." [SS]  Quernbiter was the "sword of Haakon I [Tenth Century, CE, King] of Norway and his follower, Thoralf Skolinson the Strong, said to be sharp enough to cut through quernstones.""

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Rimmon: Old Federation planet which had "just re-invented the railroad" and needs more steel that it can produce for itself.  Presumably a trade planet of some civilized planet, as Roger-fan-Morvill Esthersan of the Damnthing was going to trade steel raided from Tetragrammaton for Rimmon "heaven tea." [SV]  Rimmon was an ancient Mesopotamian diety.

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Seshat: Old Federation world, Marduk trade planet, raided by Andray Dunnan. [SV]

Set: Primitive Old Federation world. [SV]

Shesha: Federation era planet with primitive extraterrestrial race; Sheshan servants were popular on Terra when Conn Maxwell was at the University of Montevideo. [FDP, LF, FS, FOP, JP]

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Tanith: Third planet of seven orbiting Ertado's star, a G-class sun, Terra-type with nearly 25-hour day, single 500-mile diameter nickel-iron moon with fissionable ore deposits orbiting at 50 thousand miles, one of the last planets colonized by the Old Federation before the System States War, more than 3000 light- years from Gram, planned location of raid-and-trade base to be established by Angus of Wardshaven's ship Enterprise for the Tanith Adventure, later site of Lucas Trask's base. Rivington Spaceport [SV]

Terra: La Plata Spaceport [JP] Canada secedes from the British Commonwealth. Islamic Caliphate formed, eventually joins Terran Federation before general war resulting from Indian Communists' attempt to seize Bangladesh [EK]

Tetragrammaton: Old Federation world, Neobarbarian world [SV]

Tizona: Homeworld of giraffe-birds [SV]

Thor: A 'rational planet' known for native uprisings [FDP] Homeworld of native race, 'funny little fellows, with faces like terriers, their bodies covered with matted black hair', students on Terra, worshippers of Ghu [JP]

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Uller (Beta Hydri II): Source of organic-opals [FDP] Old Federation world known for organic opals [SV] Site of revolt similar to the Sepoy Mutiny in the Fouth Century, AE [EK]

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Venus: Revolt of colonies.[EK, p. 16, 47] Seceded from First Federation [SV]

Vitharr: Old Federation world, Tanith trading partner [SV]

Volund: Apparently the most recent destination of ships coming out from Terra before arriving at Fenris and then going on to Odin [FDP]

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Xerxes: an airless moon of Zarathustra, site of a Terran Federation naval base and not owned by the Zarathustra Company.  Experiments by naval personnel here discovered how to communicate with Fuzzies.[LF, FS, FOP]

Xipototec: primitive Old Federation world originally considered by Angus of Wardshaven as target base of operations before Otto Harkaman suggested Tanith. [SV]  A remote world of the Empire to which Army units had been scattered. [MD]

Xochitl: one of the Federation era planets Hugo Ingermann may have fled to after leaving Zarathustra. [FOP]  Space Viking base planet originally settled by Haulteclere, with primitive local population.  A thousand lightyears from Tanith.  With shipyard, ruled by a Haulteclere noble, Prince Viktor.  Lucas Trask of Tanith pondered the prospect of one day trading with Xochitl.  [SV]

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Yggdrasil (Yggdrasill): source of nitrates used on native farms on Uller.  Federation era native peonage system ended through efforts of Extraterrestrials' Rights Association.  Three-months from Loki by reaction-drive. [UU]  Chartered Yggdrasil Company manufactures nitrates from guano on a single continent.  Khooghras are native sapient race.[LF, FS, WC]  Terran vegetation won't grow in the soil so Terran colonists there have to eat hydroponic vegetables and carniculture meat.  Natives are "grotesque but upright and biped."  Twenty lightyears from Freya (farther from Terra that Freya is).  Exports nitrates for the soil-reclamation projects in Terra's war-ruined Northern Hemisphere.  Manufactures blasting explosives.  Federation Army base. [WC]  Native tribal councils. [FOP]

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Zarathustra: Fuzzy homeworld. [LF, FS, FOP][SV]

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General Information

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Abbot [SV]: Contragravity inventor and drive namesake.

Adeliaide, University of: "Adelaide had a Federation-wide reputation for left-wing neo-Markist 'liberalism.'"  Many of the early settlers on Kwannon were "sociographers and para-anthropologists" from Adelaide.  Edith Shaw has a "master's in sociography from Adelaide."[OS]  Likely evolved from the actual University of Adelaide.

Air Patrol [JP]: Poictesme police/paramilitary agency

airdyne [OL]: wingless reconnaisance fighters used as survey aircraft on first Terran mission to Mars.  The Cyrano carried a complement of three airdynes.

Asgard [JP]: Spaceport on Odin

Atomic Era [EK]: Dating system beginning at Year Zero AE with first sustained nuclear fission reaction in 1942 AD

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Barathrum [JP]: Poictesme island continent

Beirut [EK]: Terran city sacked following the assassination of Khalid ib'n Hussein, prior to Turkish intervention in Islamic Caliphate

Big War [SV]: Sword-Worlds name for the System States War

Bigglersport [SV]: Viking era duchy and spaceport on Gram held by Duke Joris, pledged to Angus of Wardshaven when he became King

bisonoid [SV]: Gram domesticated agricultural animal

Blackcliffe [SV]: Barony on Gram

Brannerton, University of: Empire era university of Gimli (MD).  Presumably also the capital city.  (Given that mining was a key component of Gimli's Federation era economy—the Federation era Gimli Company is described in Fuzzies and Other People as having a fissionables mining concession—this name was perhaps inspired by the site of a major mine disaster in New Zealand in 1896 CE.)

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Camelot, University of: University on Excalibur[SV]

Canada: First Century, AE, nation which seceded from the British Commonwealth in 32, AE, presumably to join the Terran Federation.[EK, 16]

carniculture: artificial growth of meats[CC0SV/FDP]

Chronicle: Litchfield newspaper[JP]

City of Montevideo: One of the regular transport starships servicing Uller.[UU]

colonel: Sixth Century Chartered Uller Company Army officer rank with three silver, concentric circles insignia on shoulder [UU'83, p. 155].

collapsium [CC/SV]: compressed-matter shielding in which electron shells are collapsed onto atomic nuclei allowing atoms to touch each other; can only be cut by cosmic ray abrasive rotary beam cutter

Constabulary: Poictesme police agency[JP]

contragravity:[CC/SV] some aspect of contragravity depends upon the specific gravity of the fluid in which the contragravity craft is operating: "The engines [of a hunter-ship] are much bigger than would be needed on an ordinary contragravity craft, because a hunter-ship operates under water as well as in the air."[FDP, p. 79]; "[The engines of a hunter-ship have to be] big enough for a five-thousand ton freighter [because running] submerged isn't the same as running in atmosphere."FDP, p. 80]

Corisande II [SV]: Tanith Space Viking ship commanded by Otto Harkaman.  Harkaman's original Corisande was destroyed at Durendal prior to Harkaman coming to Gram in service to Duke Angus.  (Corisande was the name of a female character in Benjamin Disraeli's 1870 CE novel Lothair.  Corisande was also the name of a female character in Jean-Baptiste Lully's 1648 CE opera AmadisCorisande was also the name of several late 19th and early 20th Century CE British and Canadian sailing ships.)

Council of Syndics [SV]: Ruling body of Eglonsby headed by Pedrosan Pedro

Countess Dorothy [JP]: Contragravity ship which brings Conn Maxwell from the starport at Storisende to his home in Litchfield.  Countess Dorothy was a character in James Branch Cabell's novel Jurgen: A Comedy of Justice.

Cyrano [OL]: Spacecraft which transported the first Terran mission to Mars.  Scheduled to return to Terra when the Schiaparelli arrived at Mars.  Cyrano crew expected to serve as leadership cadre for Schiaparelli mission.

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Damascus [EK]: Terran city, site of revolt following assassination of Khalid ib'n Hussein, prior to Turkish intervention in Islamic Caliphate

Darshat's [OS]: Terran plantation on Kwannon, overrun by swarming Kwanns; displaced Kwanns from Darshat's plantation were among those who traveled with Gilbert around the world.

Devastators [UU]: one of the best regiments of King Jonkvank of Krink, a pro-Terran monarch on Uller.

Didreksburg [SV]: Duchy on Gram, held by Duke Ridgerd, later pledged under duress to Angus of Wardshaven when he became King

Dillingham [SV]: Hyperdrive inventor and namesake

Dire Dawn [UU]: historical novel by Hildegarde Hernandez which included plans of the World War II atomic bomb; used by the Terran settlers to design atomic bombs.

Dunnan [SV]: Barony on Gram held by Andray, light blue crescent on black symbol

Dynamite Island [UU]: small island near Kankad's Town on Uller; site of a native Kragan explosives-plant.

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Eastern Axis: First Century, AE, alliance believed to have inspired the assassination of Khalid ib'n Hussein. Demanded demilitarization internationalization of US Lunar Base which weakened the United Nations, later attacked US rocket ports to start Thirty Days' War.[EK, p. 13, 30]

Eglonsby [SV]: Amaterasu city and state ruled by the Council of Syndics (Labor, Manufacturers, Small Businesses, State Protection, 12 others)

Elmersans [SV]: Faction competing for the Royal throne on Durendal, Otto Harkaman's ship Corisende was lost in their service

electronics, miniaturization of:[JP] "[The hunter-ship scout boat] regular boat radio [and] the receiver for the [radio] locator [had components that] had been miniaturized to a point where watchmaker's tools would have been pretty large for working on them. . . ."[FDP, p. 120]

Exectutive Special Agent: Terran Federation covert investigative and enforcement official.  "There are all sorts of secret agents operating in the Federation—Army and Navy Intelligence, police of different sorts, Colonial Office agents, private detectives, Chartered Company agents.  But there are fewer Executive Specials than there are inhabited planets in the Federation.  They rank, ex officio, as Army generals and Space Navy admirals; they have the privilege of the floor in Parliament, they take orders from nobody but the President of the Federation.  But very few people have ever seen one or talked to anybody who has."[FDP, p. 193]

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Federation, First [SV]: early Terran Federation from which Venus seceded.

Federation, Old: name for the collapsed Terran Federation in the Space Viking era and during the first Galactic Empire.[SS, SV]

Federation, Second [SV]: new Terran Federation organized after Venus seceded from the First Federation.

Federation Constitution: The supreme government establishing document of the Terran Federation ("The Federation Constitution guarantees equal rights to all," FDP, p. 196).

Federation Day: Terran Federation holiday likened by Walt Boyd to the Pre-Atomic French Bastille Day and  American Independence Day holidays in the context of the potential commemoration of the outbreak of the "First Fenris Civil War."[FDP, p. 178]

Federation Institute of Xeno-Sciences: Federation era research institute.  Sponsor of Bennett Rainsford's scientific work on Zarathustra.[LF, FS]

Fenris Civil War, First: Possible description offered by Walt Boyd of the conflict between the independent monster hunters and the Hunters' Co-operative led by Steve Ravick; Boyd likely provided a key historical account of this conflict (Boyd at the time had no knowledge of any "second" civil war on Fenris).[FDP, p. 178]

Freyan: native sapient race on Freya, interfertile with Terro-humans [WC] One of Paul Quinton's great-grandmothers was Freyan [UU]

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gadolinium [SV]: element essential to hyperdrive engines

Galactic Empire, First [EK]: Space-pirates, similar to buccaneers of the West Indies of Seventeenth Century, AD, Earth, in the days of the dissolution of this empire in the Tenth Century of the Interstellar Era

Gartner Trisystem [JP]: Trinary system settled by Genji Gartner in the Seventh Century, AE. Alpha system worlds named from works of James Branch Cabell, location of Poictesme, Koshchei. Beta system worlds named from Spenser's Faerie Queen. Gamma system worlds named from works of Rabelais, location of Pantagruel, three light years from Alpha system.

Ghu [JP]: Deity of natives on Thor, the 'Grandfather-God'. Name used by humans as curse "Great Ghu!", "For Ghu's sake!"

giraffe-bird [SV]: animal native to Tizona

Glaspyth [SV]: Duchy on Gram, held by Duke Omfray, later seized by Angus of Wardshaven when he became King

Gordon Valley [JP]: Location of Litchfield

Home Guard [JP]: Gordon Valley militia commanded by Colonel Klem Zareff

Gorram shipyards [SV]: Shipbuilding barony held by Alex Gorram, pledged to Duke Angus of Wardshaven

gum-pear [SV]: Gram fruit used to make brandy

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Hermann Reuch's Land [FDP]: Antarctic continent (region?) on Fenris

horse [FDP]: Terran beast of burden popularly thought to be extinct

Hoylbar [SV]: Glaspyth arms manufacturing house

Hunters' Co-operative [FDP]: Commercial association of monster-hunters on Fenris that led the revolt against Steve Ravick and Morton Hallstock

hyperspace drive [JP]: Faster-than-light propulsion method; [FDP]: One light year in 'sixty-odd' hours; [SV]: 'About a light year an hour'

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Interstellar Era [EK]: Dating system. The First Galactic Empire dissolved in the Tenth Century of this era

interstellar expansion [EK]: early period similar to Spanish Conquistadores; [SV]: early period in Third Century, AE

Interstellar Wars [SV]: Warfare in the Old Federation from the Eleventh to the Thirteenth Centuries, AE

Islamic Caliphate: Pro-Western Middle Eastern state of the First Century, AE, apparently with its capital at Basra. Wracked by anarchy (revolt at Damascus, sack of Beirut), inter-factional power struggles (war between Jordan and Saudi Arabia) and Turkish intervention (and annexation of Syria and Lebanon) after the assassination of it's first leader, Khalid ib'n Hussein, in 32 AE. Eventually joined the Terran Federation under Khalid's son, Tallal ib'n Khalid, before start of Thirty Days' War. [EK, pp. 16-7, 48, 54, 59]

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jetticopters [OL]: aircraft used on first Terran mission to Mars.

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Karvall House [SV]: Estate of Sesar Karvall

Karvallmills [SV]: Steel mill barony on Gram held by Sesar Karvall, pledged to Duke Angus of Wardshaven, yellow fire and black hammer symbol

kregg [SV]: Khepera long-haired, unicorn-like animal

Kilroy: first unmanned rocket to land on the Moon in 29 AE (1971 AD).[EK, pp. 21-2]

Kukan [OL]: Martian name of the city in Syrtis where the first Terran mission to Mars began its explorations.

Kwann: native sapient race on Kwannon.  Kwanns are "humanoid, to the extent of being [upright bipeds], with two arms, a head on top of shoulders, and a torso [with] four lungs.  Their faces have "two eyes in front, close enough for stereoscopic vision . . . [and a] mouth strictly for eating.  They breathe "through separate intakes and outlets, one of each on either side of [the] neck [and talk] through the outlets and [have] scent and hearing organs in the intakes."  They have skin that is "blue-gray and [looks] like rubberTheir hands are "long and thin, like a squirrel's."  Kwanns exhale through their skin, surrounding themselves with "stenches like an organic chemistry lab."[OS]

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La Plata Spaceport[JP]: spaceport on Terra, most likely near the city of Montevideo in South America.  "It had been six months to Litchfield when the Mizar lifted out of La Plata Spaceport and he watched Terra dwindle away." —Conn Maxwell, Junkyard Planet.  (The Rìo de la Plata is a river and estuary which empties into the Atlantic Ocean on the southeastern coastline of South America.  The cities of Buenos Aires and Montevideo are on its western and northern shores, respectively.)

Liberals [JP]: Political party/movement on Terra

Lingua Terra [FDP]: Standard language of the Terran Federation; [SV]: Standard language of the Sword-Worlds and Old Federation worlds

Litchfield [JP]: Settlement on Poictesme, home of Conn Maxwell

Litchfield Academy [JP]: School on Poictesme attended by Conn Maxwell before he went to college on Terra, headed by Professor Dolf Kelton

Loki enslavements: The "enslavement of from twenty to thirty thousand Lokian natives . . . most of whom were worked to death in the mines"; led by Anton Gerrit; occured fifteen years prior to the events portrayed in Four-Day Planet; most of the participants were caught by Federation officials, but Gerrit escaped and eventually made his way to Fenris, assuming the alias identity Steve Ravick.[FDP, 195]

Lunar Base: "powerful" United States military facility on the Moon, subject of "crisis over the Eastern [Axis] demands for [its]] demilitarization and internationalization" which sparked the Thirty Days' War.[EK]  At the outbreak of the Thirty Days' War, the Lunar Base was "completed and ready [and] the enemy missiles would be aimed primarily at the rocketports from which it was supplied."[EK]  The Lunar Base may have been something like the planned Moonbase Apollo.

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major: Late First Century Terran Federation Space Force officer rank with single star insignia on shoulder;[OL, p. 14] Sixth Century Chartered Uller Company Army officer rank with cuff-braid insignia.[UU'83, p. 77]

Manniwel [SV]: Neighboring barony to Traskon on Gram, Lucas Trask led Traskon forces against in boundary dispute

Med Service [JP]: Branch of the Federation Armed Forces, color sterilon

megathere [SV]: Gram elephantine animal

monster-hunter [FDP]: local name for hunters of Fenris sea monsters, only known natural source of tallow-wax

Montevideo, University of: Terran university attended by Paula Quinton, Miles Gilbert and Conn Maxwell.[UU; OS; JP]  The University library is where "the photostats of the old U.S. data that General Lanningham brought to South America after the debacle in the United States in A.E. 114" are kept.[UU]  Nancy Patterson had been a secretary in the social science division there.[WC]  Likely evolved from the Universidad de la República Uruguay.

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naudsonce [NS]: the "non-auditory sonic sense" of the Svants by which sound waves are transformed in tectile sensations.

Neobarbarians [SV]: Eighteen worlds in the Old Federation that still possess hyperdrive technology

Newhaven [SV]: County on Gram, held by Count Lionel, later pledged to Angus of Wardshaven when he became King

New Year's Day [SV]: Gram (all Sword-Worlds?) holiday apparently celebrated with the giving of gifts

Nifflheim [JP]: Curse similar to 'hell', from the planet so-named

Northport [SV]: Independent barony on Gram held by Lord Alan, later pledged to Angus of Wardshaven when he became King

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Old Federation see Federation, Old

Ordnance [JP]: Branch of the Federation Armed Forces, eight-pointed red star symbol

Orthodox-Monophysism [FDP]: Religion on Fenris

Operation Triple Cross: Secret plan that duplicated and triplicated supply rocket ports for US Lunar Base, served to thwart Eastern Axis surprise attack on primary supply ports at start of Thirty Days' War.[EK, p. 47, 55-6] See Philadelphia Project.

oukry [FDP]: Freyan beast of burden

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Pan-Federation Telecast System [OL]: Late First Century news organization which sent a reporter, Gloria Standish, on the first Terran mission to Mars.

Panplanet News Service [SV]: Gram news agency

Parliament: Terran Federation legislative body.[FDP, p. 193]

Penn State University [OL]: Late First Century university which provided a female professor of natural ecology to the first Terran mission to Mars.

Philadelphia Project: secret U.S. military lunar-base project in the First Century, AE.[EK, pp. 21-2, 54] See Operation Triple Cross.

pinnace [SV]: two hundred foot hyperdrive craft, four normally carried by Space Viking ships

Port Sandor [FDP]: Spaceport and only major city on Fenris

President of the Federation: Terran Federation chief executive.[FDP, p. 193]

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relativistic time dilation (for hyperdrive travel): "Belsher's been on the ship [from Terra to Fenris] for six months.  Well, call it three; everything speeds up about double in hyperspace."[FDP, p. 71] Distance between Terra and Fenris is "six hundred and fifty light-years. . . ."[FDP, p. 149]

Reno [EK]: Terran city destroyed by non-nuclear explosion at railroad yard and fire shortly after the assassination of Khalid ib'n Hussein

Resident-Agent: Colonial Office official representing the Terran Federation on Class III settled planets.[FDP, pp. 48, 206 & 212] Also the local official representing the Federation-era Chartered Uller Company at the capitals of native regional sovereignties [UU]

Rise and Decline of the System States: history text by Franchard published in the "Twenty-eighth Century" (this likely means the 28th Century of the Christian Era, which ends in 857 AE, shortly after the end of the System States War) [EK]; (possibly modeled on The Rise and Fall of the Confederate Government, written by Jefferson Davis, President of the Confederate States of America, which would imply that Franchard was the leader of the System States Alliance).

Rivington [SV]: Tanith spaceport constructed by Trask's Space Vikings

robots [SV]: widely used in the Sword-Worlds; [JP]: Widely used on Poictesme

Roncevaux: the capital city of the world Durendal in the Empire era [SS]; (from the Carolingian romances, site the battle in which the paladin Roland, wielder of Durendal, was killed).

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sapient race: Zarthustran Fuzzies are confirmed to be the "ninth extrasolar sapient race" in the Federation era of Little Fuzzy.  The eight previously-known "extrasolar" sapient races are the Ullerans of Uller Uprising and the Freyans of "When in the Course—," the natives of Gimli mentioned in Fuzzy Sapiens and Fuzzies and Other People, the natives of Hathor mentioned in Fuzzy Sapiens, the Lokians mentioned in "When in the Course—," Four-Day Planet and the Fuzzy novels, the Sheshans mentioned in Four-Day Planet and the Fuzzy novels, the Thorans mentioned in "When in the Course—," Four-Day Planet, Uller Uprising and the Fuzzy novels, and the Khoogras of Yggdrasil mentioned in "When in the Course—," Uller Uprising and the Fuzzy novels.
     The races mentioned in the Fuzzy novels or in yarns which occur prior to Little Fuzzy suggest that the discovery of the Svants in "Naudsonce" was not yet generally known at the time of Little Fuzzy.  The Kwanns of "Oomphel in the Sky" must have been discovered after the events of Little Fuzzy as well.
     In "Ministry of Disturbance" there are "fourteen races—fifteen if you counted the Zarathustran Fuzzies" within the bounds of the Empire.  Adding Terro-humans to the eleven races described above leaves three additional races.  The extinct ancient Martians of "Omnilingual" might be among these.  Considering the example of the Freyans who are interfertile with Terro-humans, perhaps there is a similar interfertile race on Nergal where a "half-breed Space Viking" character whose mother may have been a Nergaler is described as having "coarse black hair, a mahogany-brown skin, and red-brown, almost maroon, eyes" (though this may simply have been the result of centuries-long Terro-human adaptation to the Nergal environment).  The fifteenth sapient race of the Empire era remains a mystery.

Schiaparelli [OL]: Spacecraft expected to transport the second Terran mission of five-hundred people to Mars a year-and-a-half after the Cyrano mission arrived.

shellosaur: at one time the dominant type of mobile land-life on Uller; running from five to fifteen tons, plated all over with silicate shell, till it looked like a six-legged pine-cone; some were herbivores and some were carnivores. In the Federation era there are a few left, in remote places, quite a few in the Southern Hemisphere.  Dome of them began specializing on mobility instead of armor and began excreting waste-matter instead of turning it to shell. Some of these new species got rid of their shell entirely. The native sapient race on Uller, Parahomo sapiens Ulleris, is descended from one of these. [UU]

shellosaur-rifle: heavy rifle used to hunt Ulleran shellosaurs. [UU]

Sheshan: native sapient race on the planet Shesha.  (Shesha was a mythological Hindu figure.)
    Walt Boyd notes that a company troop squad facing an angry mob on Fenris would "last about as long as a pint of trade gin at a Sheshan funeral."[FDP]  Colonel Ian Ferguson, head of the Colonial Constabulary on Zarathustra, makes a similar allusion.[LF]
    In the Federation era, Shesha is a "Class-IV planet," meaning it has a native sophont race.  These natives are able to speak with Terrans and describe native concepts in their own language.[LF]
    Ruth Ortheris had worked with the extraterrestrials on Shesha prior to coming to Zarathurstra.  Gerd van Riebeek uses Sheshan curse words.[LF]
    When Conn Maxwell and Sylvie Jacquemont rebuild Conn's mother's household robot, giving it the ability to understand voice commands, they also program it to respond in a "thick Sheshan accent" because all "the smart people on Terra . . . had Sheshan humanoid servants."[JP]
    Jack Holloway believed that Sheshans (and Ullerans) were a bit more culturally advanced than natives on "planets like Loki or Thor or Yggdrasil" who would understand abstract concepts like "ultrasonics and electronics and acoustics" in terms of "black magic" while those concepts could be explained to a Sheshan as the "the mysterious ways of the gods."[LF]  Sheshans (and Ullerans) are understood to be a bit more culturally advanced than the natives on planets like Loki and Gimli and Thor but nevertheless "thought [cocktail hour] was a [Terran] religious observance."[LF]
    Jack Holloway had been on Shesha (and Thor and Loki and Mimir) before coming to Zarathustra and had had a friend killed there.[FOP]

sol: basic medium of exchange of Terran Federation.[FDP; CC]

South Ocean [FDP]: Fenris sea

Southmain Continent [SV]: Gram continent, site of ongoing, two-century long war

Space Force [OL]: Late First Century Terran military service which led the first mission to Mars.  Field uniforms were green.  Referred to as "the Service."

Space Viking ship [SV]: Two-thousand foot diameter ship used by Sword-Worlders, requires crew of 300 and carries 500 ground fighters

Space Vikings [SV]: Sword-Worlders conducting raid-and-trade operations in the Old Federation for the last three hundred years, at least two hundred ships in operation

stellar [SV]: Excalibur currency, basic medium of exchange of the Sword-Worlds

Stolgoland [SV]: Amaterasu state conquered by Eglonsby with the aid of Trask's Space Vikings, capital Stolgonopolis

Storisende [JP]: Capital city and spaceport on Poictesme

Storisende, First Families of [JP]: ruling oligarchy on Poictesme, direct descendants of original crew headed by Genji Gartner that discovered the Gartner Trisystem.

Subwar [EK]: A "steady underground conflict of subversion and sabotage" between the United States and its allies and the Eastern Axis nations in the period after the advent of nuclear weapons and leading up to the Thirty Days' War; the destruction of Reno in 30 AE (1973 AD) was a "relatively minor incident" of the Subwar.

sunstone [JP]: Zarathustran gem

Svant: native sapient race on Svantovit first encountered in the Seventh Century, AE.  Svants are "red-brown in color, completely hairless [with] long necks, almost chinless lower jaws, and fleshy, beak-like noses that gave them an avian appearance heightened by red crests, like roosters' combs, on the tops of their heads."  The combs are sense organs which "transform sound waves into tactile sensations."  This "non-auditory sonic sense" is known as naudsonce.[NS]

Sword-Worlds: Interstellar state comprising twelve planets (Excalibur, Joyeuse, Durendal, Flamberge, Morglay, Haulteclere, Gram, Curtana, Colada, Tizona?) and three and a half billion people.[SV]

Syrtis [OL]: site of the first Terran landing on Mars.  See Kukan.

System States Alliance [JP]: Worlds (Asmodai, Mephistopheles) that attempted to secede from the Terran Federation leading to the System States War [SV]: (Abigor)

System States War [SV]: War between the Terran Federation and the secessionist System States Alliance, also called Big War [JP]: 842-854 AE

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tallow-wax: principal export product on the planet Fenris in the Federation era. "It isn't really wax, and it isn't tallow. It's a growth on the Jarvis's sea-monster; there's a layer of it under the skin, and around organs that need padding. An average-sized monster, say a hundred and fifty feet long, will yield twelve to fifteen tons of it. . . . Chemically, tallow-wax isn't like anything else in the known Galaxy. The molecules are huge; they can be seen with an ordinary optical microscope, and a microscopically visible molecule is a curious-looking object, to say the least. They use the stuff to treat fabric for protective garments [and] . . . a suit of waxed coveralls weighing only a couple of pounds will stop as much radiation as half an inch of lead. Tallow-wax will burn, and a wax fire is something to get really excited about, but the ignition point is 750░ C." [FDP]

Tanith Adventure [SV]: Duke Angus of Wardshaven's plan to use the Enterprise to establish a base on Tanith in the Old Federation

Terran Federation: Formed by Western nations after dissolution of United Nations resulting from assassination of Khalid ib'n Hussein and Eastern Axis demands for demilitarization and internationalization of United States Lunar Base. Tallal ib'n Khalid, Khalid's son, brought the Islamic Caliphate into the Federation in 32, AE. Became single world sovereignty by early Second Century, AE. [SV; EK, pp. 16-7, 21-2, 30, 48] See also Federation, First; Federation, Old; Federation, Second.

Terrohuman: native sapient race on Terra.

Third Fleet-Army Force [JP]: Federation Armed Forces unit based at Poictesme during the System States War

Thirty Days' War: Thermonuclear war between US-led Terran Federation and the Eastern Axis in 32, AE. Preceded by Turkish attempt to restore order in the Islamic Caliphate (and annexation of Syria and Lebanon) after the assassination of Khalid ib'n Hussein and the subsequent revolt at Damascus, the sack of Beirut, and war between Jordan and Saudi Arabia; Eastern-inspired uprising in Azerbaijan (northern Iran) was followed by Indian invasion of Bangladesh (East Pakistan). Caliphate joined the Federation. General war followed, surprise Eastern Axis missiles attacked rocket ports that supplied U.S. Lunar Base, United States suffered grievously before Operation Triple Cross permitted counter-attack from Lunar Base.[EK, pp. 16-7, 30, 36, 48, 54, 55-6, 57, 59]

Thorans [JP]: Native race on Thor, 'funny little fellows, with faces like terriers, their bodies covered with matted black hair', students on Terra, worshippers of Ghu

Transcontinent & Overseas (T&O) [JP]: Poictesme contragravity airline, original owner of the Harriet Barne

Trans-Space News Service [OL]: Late First Century news organization which sent a reporter, Sid Chamberlain, on the first Terran mission to Mars.

Traskon [SV]: Farming and ranching barony on Gram held by Lucas Trask, pledged to Duke Angus of Wardshaven, symbol is a tawny bisonoid head on green, given to Angus by Lucas Trask in trade for Nemesis

Traskon New House [SV]: Estate built by Lucas Trask as wedding gift for his bride Elaine

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United Nations (UN): First Century, AE, international collective-security organization. Dissolution hastened by assassination of Khalid ib'n Hussein after weakening from Eastern Axis demands for demilitarization and internationalization of U.S. Lunar Base. Led to formaion of Terran Federation by Western nations.[EK, p. 30]

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vibratool: a hand-held, automated prying device.[OL]

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Ward [SV]: Ducal house on Gram, symbol is sword and atom

Wardshaven [SV]: Duchy and capital city of the ducal house of Ward on Gram, held by Duke Angus

Waterville [JP]: Town on the east coast of the main continent on Poictesme, sacked by outlaws

Westlands Telecast and Teleprint [SV]: Gram news agency, orange and blue colors

Windsor [SV]: Spaceport on Curtana

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Xanx: a territorial region on Freya. [WC]

Xeno-Sciences, Federation Institute of: see Federation Institute of Xeno-Sciences.

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Yah the Almighty: Gilgamesher deity. [SV]

Year End Holidays: Federation era holidays known for consumer shopping. [FS]

Yellowmarsh: city/spaceport on the world Janicot in the Gartner Trisystem. [JP]

Yellowsand Canyon: region in Fuzzy Reservation on Beta Continent of Zarathustra, three time zones east of Mallorysport, site of sunstone deposits leased to the Zarathustra Company. [FOP]

Yellowsand River: river in Fuzzy Reservation on Beta Continent of Zarathustra, with headwaters in the Divide mountain range. [FOP]

Yellowsand Valley: region in Fuzzy Reservation on Beta Continent of Zarathustra. [FOP]

Yellowstone Valley: region on Freya, site of sulfur deposits. [WC]

Yenth: tenth month in the Martian calendar. [OL]

Yo-Yo: Space Viking ship, commanded by Captain Vann Humfort, aligned with Andray Dunnan; raided Tetragrammaton with Dunnan's Enterprise; destroyed by Nemesis at Audhumla. [SV]

Yorvoy: Empire era duchy on Aton. [MD]

Yggdrasil Company: Federation era chartered company on Yggdrasil. Producer of nitrates used on native farms on Uller. [UU]  Manufactures nitrates from guano on a single continent. [LF]  Exports nitrates for the soil-reclamation projects in Terra's war-ruined Northern Hemisphere.  Manufactures blasting explosives.  Federation Army base. [WC]

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Gleanings from Future History works

"They knew so little about this planet which they had come to bring under Imperial rule.  It had been colonized thirteen centuries ago, during the last burst of expansion before the System States War and the disintegration of the Terran Federation. . . .  A century or so later, it had seceded from or been abandoned by the Federation, then breaking up.  That much they had gleaned from old Federation records still existing on Baldur.  After that, darkness, lighted only by a brief flicker when more records had turned up on Morglay."

— Jurgen Trevannion, "A Slave is a Slave"

In addition to his fascinating storytelling one of the joys of Piper's work is the rich background setting he paints for the yarn he is telling.  These settings were particularly well developed when Piper wrote multiple yarns in the same setting, such as the Terro-human Future History.  Consider, for example, the starship Hubert Penrose which appears in Piper's yarn "Naudsonce," named for a character who appears in his earlier—in the chronological order of the future historical setting—yarn "Omnilingual."

Most of Piper's Terro-human Future History yarns are now in the public domain and available at Project Gutenberg.  The gleanings here are from those remaining Future History yarns which have not yet passed into the public domain.

"When in the Course—" | Fuzzy Sapiens | Fuzzies and Other People

Image - Federation by H. Beam Piper, cover illustration by Michael Whelan, Ace 1981

"When in the Course—" appeared in the collection Federation, Ace 1981.

"When in the Course—"
By H. Beam Piper

"When in the Course—" tells the story of a group of Federation adventurers who discover an inhabited world they call Freya.  Interestingly, this story includes elements which also appeared in Piper's Paratime yarn "Gunpowder God."

Plot Summary

A privately-financed, joint-stock company, Stellar Explorations, Ltd., in which all fifteen shareholders are also crew members of the starship Stellex.  Julio Almagro is the largest shareholder with "more money in the Stellex than any three of the others, except Adriaan de Ruyter" (whose principal contribution was most likely his hyperdrive yacht Voortrekker).  The Stellex crew could only afford the to buy the ship "because her former owners could no longer get her insured."  They hoped to discover an uninhabited, Terra-type planet for which they could get an exploitation charter.

The Stellex crew has "spent four years and visited six systems" and "six airless, waterless, poisonous and otherwise abominable planets" before finding the "Terra-type planet . . . Eta Stellex II" (the second planet of the seventh system visited by the Stellex) which they name Freya, after the Norse goddess of love and beauty.

Most of the Federation characters appear to be Americans although none are explicitly identified as such.  Barron is a Venusian and de Ruyter is apparently an Afrikaner.  Narvaes and Almagro are most likely South Americans.  Zahanov has a Russian surname but perhaps a German first name (Karl) and Muramoto has a Japanese surname and an Anglo first name (Arthur), the first suggestions of the "intermingling" of nationalities that we see later in Federation history.  These are also all of the "Western" nationalities of the early Terran Federation.

The discovery of Freya is not placed specifically in time.  There are several historically relevant events mentioned though.  It happens after the discovery of Thor, Loki and Yggdrasil and the establishment of chartered companies for those worlds.  The Norse name Freya suggest that all Norse names—the pantheon preferred by the Federation Astrographic Commission—for new worlds had yet to be exhausted by this time, placing the discovery relatively early in the period of interstellar exploration.  It occurs sometime after the "Atomic Wars" and at a time when Venus is a "Federation Member Republic."  The characters speak Lingua Terra and while the Atomic Era dating system is used on Venus it apparently is not yet used customarily on Terra.  (Note that the eventual standardization of Atomic Era dating later in Federation history suggests the important influence of Venus at this point.)

Specific Citations (all page numbers from Federation, Ace 1981)

The intial discussion aboard the Stellex is characterized by Barron as "a worse gloom session than six months ago, and with less reason." (p. 206)  This suggest a six month travel time from the expedition's previous system exploration at what would have been designated Zeta Stellex. (p. 226)


Freya has three continents, but only one is inhabited. (p. 206)  Civilization is "confined to one river valley about the same area as the Mississippi-Missouri system in North Terra . . . except a small and apparently unrelated patch at the northern corner of the continent." (p. 206)  One of the two uninhabited continents is "even bigger than the Eurasian landmass on Terra." (p. 206)  Freyan oukry are "ungainly things, with bovine heads and short, stumpy legs . . . [and] flat, beaverlike tail[s]." (pp. 212, 214, 219)

The location Freya and Yggdrasil:

Freya is twenty light years from Yggdrasil—three months round-trip travel time for the Stellex—and six months one-way travel time for the Stellex from Terra (four months one-way for the Voortrekker). (pp. 267, 283)  This suggests that Stellex travel speeds are about thirteen and a third light years per month (just a bit over three light years per week) and therefore that Freya is about eighty light years from Terra.  But Freya and Terra are apparently "seven hundred light-years apart"! (p. 276)  (This figure suggests a Stellex speed of nearly 120 light years per month—about 27 light years per week, placing Yggdrasil about 175 light years from Freya!)  Freya is "closer [to] Terra than Yggdrasil" is to Terra while Yggdrasil is "right next door" to Freya as compared to Terra. (p. 282)  Indeed, de Ruyter believes the Voortrekker might beat a Stellex-speed Yggdrasil-Terra freighter even though it won't leave until after a Yggdrasil-Freya freighter, scheduled to arrive at Freya a week after the returning Stellex, arrives at Freya. (p. 282)  Because the Yggdrasil-Terra freighter may have as much as almost a two-month head start on the Voortrekker, Yggdrasil is also about eighty (or seven hundred!) light years from Terra (almost six months travel time at Stellex speeds and yet still farther from Terra than Freya is).

Federation culture, practices and institutions:

"Atomic Era dating [is used] exclusively on Venus" but Christian Era dating is apparently still widely used on Terra. (p. 207)

"The Astrographic Commission won't accept Helleno-Roman names for anything outside the Sol System.  They prefer names from Norse mythology, as long as they last." (p. 226)

The "Pan-Federation freighter Callisto" will arrive at Freya from Yggdrasil bringing "a Terran Federation Army captain and ten enlisted men to represent the Government till something permanent can be set up. . . .  The Federation Army was authorized to furnish arms to colonies and exploitation companies, that meant they had at least tentative recognition." (p. 282)

Barron has a "10-mm Colt-Argentine" automatic pistol. (p. 216)  Someone else has a "7-mm Sterberg." (p. 217)

"Dillingham hyperdrive" (p. 234)

The Stellex crew speak Lingua Terra. (pp. 228, 231)

"The curse of overpopulation [had] put its mark on the. . . mind . . . [of] the Terran." (p. 276)

Unit of exchange in the Federation is the sol.


The aerial photos of Hostigos remind Barron "of pictures he had seen of Switzerland and the Tyrol before the Atomic Wars." (p. 211)  Fitzurse campaigned against "mounted warriors" of the "Eurasian barbarians of North Terra, the human debris of the Atomic Wars" to "protect the reclamation projects." (p. 213)  Terra imports "huge quantities" of guano from Yggdrasil "for the soil-reclamation projects in the war-ruined Northern Hemisphere." (p. 267)  Elsewhere, mention is made of "pacifying the Northern Hemisphere barbarians on Terra." (p. 246)  Barron notes that there "was always some half-crazy messiah stirring up the Eurasian barbarians. . . ." (p. 258)


A "Federation Member Republic." (p. 209)  "If you got voted out of office [on Venus], they indicted you for corrupt practices.  There were no other kind in Venusian politics." (p. 209)  Barron had been "a teenage illegal voter." (p. 261)


"Yggdrasil is inhabited, and the Terran colonist there still have to eat hydroponic vegetables and carniculture meat" but there's "some kind of a micro-organism, something like a virus, that gets into the nutrients for both the hydroponics and the carniculture. . . .  Contact with Terran organic matter kills it, but it makes the food taste simply foul." (pp. 209, 281)  Yggdrasil exports "huge  quantities" of guano to Terra "for the soil-reclamation projects in the war-ruined Northern Hemisphere." (p. 267)

Chartered Companies:

De Ruyter notes that if Freya "had been uninhabited, we'd able to get clear title of ownership for the whole planet.  But look at the Thor Company, and the Loki Company, and the Yggdrasil Company.  They were all chartered for inhabited planets, and they're all making money." (p. 206)

In order to "float a company on Terra" the Stellex crew need "an exclusive-rights charter to operate on" Freya. (p. 207)  Thus, because Freya is inhabited, Stellar Explorations needs "some kind of a treaty with some more or less sovereign power, granting [them] rights of entry and trade" in order to "get  a charter" which "the Federation Colonial Office would accept. . . ." (pp. 207-08, 233)  De Ruyter is concerned about "stock issues and the Banking Cartel and franchises" when considering making an application for a charter. (p. 282)

Non-human races:

"Humanoid form . . . was to be expected in any sapient race, with variations the hairy, dog-faced Thorans, the faunlike Lokians, the grotesque but upright and biped natives of Yggdrasil." (pp. 212-13)

Terran characters, in order of appearance:

Roger Barron, (p. 205): former Venusian politician; in accordance with "standard practice" he faces a  warrant on Venus for "corrupt practices" after being voted out of office; had been "a teenage illegal voter." (pp. 209, 261)

Adriaan de Ruyter, (p. 205): Voortrekker pilot; second largest Stellex shareholder

Reginald Fitzurse, (p. 205): responsible for landing operations; a retired Terran Federation army officer; campaigned against the "Eurasian barbarians of North Terra" to "protect the reclamation projects." (pp. 254, 213)

Laurenšo Narvaes, (p. 205):

Charley Clifford, (p. 206): "the doctor, who doubled as carniculturist."

Karl Zahanov, (p. 206): "the space-captain."

Nancy Patterson, (pp. 206-7): a former secretary in the social science division of the University of Montevideo

Luther Smith, (p. 207): chief engineer

Margaret Hale, (p. 208): hyperdrive engineer

Sylvia Davock, (p. 208): environmental systems?

Julio Almagro, (p. 208): largest Stellex shareholder

Dave MacDonald, (p. 211): scout, hunter, naturalist

Arthur Muramoto, (p. 211):

Katherine Gower, (p. 214):

Lisette Krull, (p. 223): chemist?


coffee-concentrate tablet

Dillingham hyperdrives (always mentioned in plural) (pp. 208, 234)

carniculture (p. 208)

automatic pistol

contragravity vehicles

Hyperdrive technology is based on "the Keene-Gonzales-Dillingham Theory of Non-Einsteinian Relativity."

Stellex, a "thousand foot sphere." (p. 205)

Voortrekker, a "two hundred foot hyperyacht . . . [which] is berthed inside the thousand foot sphere of the Stellex." (p. 205).  Ship's vehicles include six seventy foot oval landing craft and various lorries, aircars and airjeeps.

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Image - Fuzzy Sapiens by H. Beam Piper, cover illustration by Michael Whelan, Ace 1976

Fuzzy Sapiens, Ace 1976 (originally published as The Other Human Race, Avon 1964).

Fuzzy Sapiens
By H. Beam Piper

Fuzzy Sapiens is a sequel to Piper's novel Little Fuzzy and begins almost immediately after the events depicted in the first novel.

Plot Details

Distance between Zarathustra and Terra is five-hundred light-years, approximately six months hyperspace travel time. (pp. 6, 231) These data agree with Little Fuzzy (LF). Gimli, the closest inhabited planet, is two months away, or approximately 170 light-years. (pp. 120, 136) Marduk, apparently the closest major world, is three months away, or approximately 250 light-years. (pp. 150, 193)

The story takes place in about 654, AE. (p. 85). Holloway, born in 580, left Terra in about 614. (pp. 8-9, 85) LF says Holloway came to Zarathustra in 644. Grego came to Zarathustra five years before Holloway, in 639. (p. 42) According to LF, Zarathustra was settled in 626, and sunstones discovered in 648.

Fuzzies are the ninth sapient species encountered by Terrans. (pp. 12, 19). The eight other species include native races on Loki, Gimli, Thor, Yggdrasil, Shesha, Uller and Hathor. (pp. 33, 103, 127, 150, 189) The other sapient species is most likely the Freyans.

The Third World War occurred sometime in the First Century, AE. (p. 137). Terra suffered extensive nuclear damage during the Third and Forth World Wars, which led to the formation of the First Terran Federation. (p. 137). Damage was so extensive that civilization in the Northern Hemisphere must have nearly been extinguished. (pp. 96-97)

Specific Citations (all page numbers from Ace edition)

"the City of Malverton; she's spacing out from Darius today." (p. 2)

". . . the Terran market quotation, as of six months ago. . . ." (p. 6)

". . . Zarathustra Company, which represented thousands of stockholders, including . . . Terra-Baldur-Marduk Spacelines, and Interstellar Explorations, Ltd., and the Banking Cartel." (p. 7)

"Forty years ago, [Holloway] had left Terra. . . ." (p 8-9)

". . . the eight other sapient races discovered since Terrans had gone out to the stars. " (p. 12)

". . . his major's single star had quite recently been replaced a first lieutenant's double bars . . . his uniform was Colonial Constabulary." (p. 15)

". . . a new race of sapient beings; why, it was only the ninth time that had happened in the five centuries since the first Terran starship left the Sol System." (p. 19)

". . . a Native Cases Court, like the ones on Loki and Gimli and Thor." (p. 33)

"And Company House . . . had been built twelve years ago, three years after [Grego] came to Zarathustra. . . ." (p. 42)

". . . the Terra-Baldur-Marduk liner City of Kapstaad, which would be getting in a week." (p. 63)

". . . Navy Intelligence . . . or Colonial Office Investigative Bureau. . . ." (p. 77)

Holloway is "[s]eventy-four . . . born in 580 . . . [and] couldn't even estimate how much to allow for on time-differential for hyperspace trips." (p. 85)

". . . we're speaking Lingua Terra . . . [an] indiscriminate mixture of English, Spanish, Portuguese and Afrikaans, mostly English." (pp. 96-97)

". . . van Riebeek's theory that Fuzzies were living fossils, the sole survivors of a large and otherwise extinct order of Zarathustran primates." (p. 102)

Sapient beings "on planets like Loki or Thor or Yggdrasil; on Shesha or Uller. . . ." (p. 103)

". . . a Year-End Holidays shopping crowd. . . ." (p. 114)

". . . it would be four months till any [Extee Three] could get in from the nearest Federation planet." (p. 120)

". . . in the three months since we've been checking on . . . Baby Fuzzy . . . ." (p. 122)

". . . this infamous space-transport monopoly of the Company's. . . ." (pp. 123-24)

". . . on Thor; clans that'd be shooting us on sight one season would be our bosom friends the next, and planning to double-cross us the one after." (p. 127)

". . . Terra, Odin, Freya, Marduk, Aton, Baldur, planets like that." (pp. 135-36)

"In a month, word will have gotten to Gimli; that's the nearest planet, and in two months a ship can get here from there." (p. 136)

". . . nuclear bomb radiations on Terra during and after the Third and Fourth World Wars, at the beginning of the First Federation." (p. 137)

"First Century, between the Second and Third World Wars." (p. 137)

". . . wheat from the [Argentine] pampas and from the Mississippi Valley in North America." (p. 143)

". . . a temporary shortage which will be relieved in about six months, when Extee Three begins coming in from Marduk." (p. 150)

". . . Cocktail Hour. The natives on planets like Loki and Gimli and Thor and even Shesha and Uller thought it was a religious observance." (p. 150)

". . . on Marduk. There are a number of shipping companies who would like to get in here in competition with Terra-Baldur-Marduk Spacelines, and there are quite a few import-export houses who would like to trade on Zarathustra in competition with CZC." (p. 180)

"A lot of the older planets are beginning to overpopulate, and there's never room enough for everyone on Terra." (pp. 181-82)

"[When Terrans] find something valuable on [a native reservation]--gold on Loki, platinum on Thor, vanadium and wolfram on Hathor, nitrates on Yggdrasil, uranium on Gimli . . . the natives get shoved off onto another reservation, where there isn't anything anybody wants, and finally they just get shoved off, period." (p. 189)

"Look how the power interests tried to suppress the discovery of direct conversion of nuclear energy to electric current, back in the First Century. Look how they tried to suppress the Abbot Drive." (p. 193)

". . . in six months the off-planet immigrants'll start coming in." (p. 193)

". . . labor unions organized by outsiders had been frowned upon by the company. . . ." (p. 197)

"Terra's five hundred light-years, six months ship-time away." (p. 231)

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Image - Fuzzies and Other People by H. Beam Piper, cover illustration by Michael Whelan, Ace 1984

Fuzzies and Other People, Ace 1984.

Fuzzies and Other People

Fuzzies and Other People completes the trilogy which began with Little Fuzzy.  The third Fuzzy novel was discovered many years after Piper's death and published two decades after Fuzzy Sapiens first appeared in print.

Plot Details

We learn that there are about 500 planets in the Federation. (p. 1)

The events in Uller Uprising must have occurred shortly before 526, AE. (p. 28) One of the Terra-Baldur-Marduk lines is named for Konkrook, the Kragan capital on Uller. (p. 210)

While Fuzzy Sapiens tells us that Gimli is the closest inhabited planet to Zarathustra and that Marduk is the closest major planet, we learn that the first regular stop on the way to Terra is Volund. (p. 210). Four-Day Planet told us that Gimli was the next planet toward Odin from Fenris and that Volund was between Fenris and Terra.

Other planets mentioned include Ishtar, Xipototec, Ithavoll, and Lugaluru. (pp. 210 & 214)

Competitors of Terra-Baldur-Marduk Spacelines include Pan-Federation (Spacelines?) and Terra-Odin (Spacelines?). (p. 213)

Specific Citations (all page numbers from Ace edition)

"Officially, on all of the half-thousand human populated planets of the Terran Federation, the date was September 14, 654 Atomic Era, but on Zarathustra it was First Day, Year Zero, Anno Fuzzy. . . . It wasn't the day that the Fuzzies were discovered--that had been in early June. . . ." (p. 1)

". . . on Loki . . . the natives there . . . [have] turned into a lot of worthless Native Agency bums." (p. 22)

"The Chartered Loki Company was dissolved by court order, for violation of Federation law. . . . The Chartered Uller Company taken over by the Government after the Uprising, in 526; the Government simply confirmed General Von Schlichten as governor-general. . . . And when the Chartered Fenris Company went bankrupt, the planet was taken over by some of the colonists. . . ." (p. 28)

"Six months aboard ship [to Terra]. . . ." (p. 28)

". . . some of the tribal councils on Yggdrasil . . . [o]r Gimli." (p. 76)

". . . the Gimli Company got [native] consent to work those fissionable ore mines." (p. 76)

". . . you've hunted on Loki. . . . You know how good the Bush Dwanga there are." (p. 109)

Holloway had "had friends killed before, on Thor and Loki and Shesha and Mimir. Everywhere but on Terra. . . ." (p. 173)

". . . the Terra-Baldur-Marduk liner City of Konkrook spaced out from Darius . . . for Kapstaad Spaceport on Terra. The first port of call en route is New Birmingham on Volund." (p. 210)

". . . in a duel once on Ishtar. . . ." (p. 210)

". . . we don't need to be afraid that somebody like Pan-Federation or Terra-Odin will . . . put in a spaceport to compete with Terra-Baldur-Marduk. . . ." (p. 213)

". . . some planet like Xipototec or Fenris or Ithavoll or Lugaluru. . . ." (p. 214)

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