Chronology of the Terro-human Future History

"The only difference is that I can usually remember where I've read something in past history, but my future history I know without knowing how I know it."

— Edward Chalmers, "Edge of the Knife"

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A chronological complilation of future historical events from the stories and novels of H. Beam Piper's Terro-human Future History.

Atomic Era (AE) Century

1st - 2nd - 3rd - 4th - 5th - 6th - 7th - 8th - 9th - 10th - 11th
12th - 13th - 14th - 15th - 16th - 17th - 18th - 19th - 20th - 21st
22nd - 23rd - 24th - 25th - 26th - 27th - 28th - 29th - 30th - 31st

Piper's note on Atomic Era dating: "The Atomic Era (AE) is reckoned as beginning on 2 December, 1942, Christian Era (CE), with the first self-sustaining nuclear reactor, put into operation by Enrico Fermi at the University of Chicago. Unlike earlier dating-systems, it begins with a Year Zero—2 December, 1942, to 1 December, 1943, CE. With allowances for December overlaps, 1943 CE is thus equal to the Year Zero AE, and 1944 CE to 1 AE, and each century accordingly begins with the "double-zero" year, and ends with the ninety-nine year.
          "Dates AE and CE are converted by adding or subtracting 1943; thus 1964 CE is 21 AE, and 1066 CE is reckoned as 877 PreAtomic (PA). Atomic Era dating did not become official until 2nd December, 2143, or 200 AE. The Gregorian calendar, with all defects, was adopted, merely setting back January 1st to December 2nd. It took about fifty years for everybody to agree to it, and some fanatical relgious sects opposed it to the end of Terran Federation history."
- From "Future History No. 1."

1st Century AE (1943-2042 AD)


First self-sustaining nuclear fission reaction at Chicago. (14)


World War II ends.


Kilroy, first unmanned rocket, launched by United States, lands on the Moon. (14, 3)


Lunar base established by United States. (3)


"The Edge of the Knife" (published May 1957).

Khalid ib'n Hussein assassinated at Basra, anarchy and inter-faction struggles in Islamic Caliphate followed by Turkish intervention. (3)


United Nations collapses. (14, 3)


World War III ("Thirty Days' War"). (14, 17)

Terran Federation formed under United States leadership. (14, 3)


"Omnilingual" (published February 1957).

First human expedition to Mars, discovery of extinct Martian civilization. (2)


Further exploration of Mars, Venus, Asteroid Belt, and Moons of Jupiter. (14)


First Terran Federation begins to crack under strains of colonial claims and counter-claims of member states; serious financial dislocations. (14; 17 places first Mars colony in 108 AE and first Venus colony in 116 AE but Piper implies these must occur prior to WWIV)


Contragravity is developed. (17)

2nd Century AE (2043-2142 AD)


Venus secedes from the (first) Terran Federation. (11; 17 says 174 AE but 14 implies this must occur prior to WWIV)


World War IV begins ("First Interplanetary War"). (14, 16; 1, p. 64)


World War IV ends. (14; 3, pp. 21-2; 16; 1, p. 64)


After a "debacle in the United States," Generla Lanningham brings U.S. atom bomb data to South America. (1, p. 169)


South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, Brazil, and Argentina form the second Terran Federation. (14; 17 says 183 AE)


Reformed (second) Terran Federation establishes single world sovereignty when Britain becomes the last nation to join; colonies on Mars and Luna. (14; 3. pp. 21-2; 4)


Dillingham hyperdrive developed. (14)


First expedition to Alpha Centauri. (14; 17 says 144 AE)

3rd Century AE (2143-2242 AD)


Atomic Era dating adopted. (14)


Terro-human interstellar exploration, colonization, and expansion begins. (14; 11)


Thor discovered, Thorans encountered, Thor Company chartered. (16)


Loki discovered, Lokians encountered, Loki Company chartered. (16)


Yggdrasil discovered, Khooghra encountered, Yggdrasil Company chartered. (16)


"When in the Course—" (published in 1981)

Freya discovered, Freyans encountered, Freya Company chartered. (16)

4th Century AE (2243-2342 AD)


Marduk settled.
• "Marduk . . . had first been colonized in the Fourth Century.". (11)


Fenris settled, Fenris Company chartered.
• "The chartered company that colonized [Fenris], back at the end of the Fourth Century A.E. . . .". (8)


Chartered Fenris Company goes bankrupt, most colonists evacuated.
• "The chartered company that colonized [Fenris] . . . went bankrupt in ten years. . . .". (8, p. 6)

5th Century AE (2343-2442 AD)


Four-Day Planet (published in 1961).

Anton Gerrit, leader of Loki enslavement, captured on Fenris; Kapstaad Chemical Products, Ltd., monopoly on Fenris tallow wax broken by Argentine Exotic Organics.
• The Port Sandor spaceport on Fenris "was built close to a hundred years ago, when the population was" over 200,000. (8)

6th Century AE (2443-2542 AD)


Federation forces intervene on Fenris with nuclear weapons.
• "[What] nuclear weapons . . . did on . . . Fenris. . . .". (1) "[The Federation will] send the Federation Space Navy, and [Uller will] get it worse than Fenris did.". (1)


Uller Uprising (published in 1952).

Native revolt on Uller against Chartered Uller Company.
• "The Chartered Uller Company was taken over by the Government after the Uprising, in 526. . . .". (18)


Jack Holloway is born.
• "Seventy-four: I was born in 580. I couldn't even estimate how much to allow for on time-differential for hyperspace trips.". (15)

7th Century AE (2543-2642 AD)


Zarathustra is discovered and settled. (14; 17; 12)


Fafnir, Imhotep and Irminsul discovered by the crew of the Hubert Penrose. (9)


"Naudsonce" (published January 1962).

Svantovit discovered, Svants encountered.
• ". . . as anybody in the Seventh Century of the Atomic Era was. . . .". (9)


Poictesme is discovered by Genji Gartner and settled. (5; 17 says 603 AE)


Little Fuzzy (published in 1962).
Fuzzy Sapiens (published in 1964).
Fuzzies and Other People (published in 1984).

Terra-Baldur-Marduk Spacelines holds monopoly on travel to Zarathustra; Zarathustran Fuzzy sapience recognized; Zarathustra reclassified from Class III to Class IV world; Zarathustra Company charter revoked. (12)

8th Century AE (2643-2742 AD)


Foxx Travis born, aide to commander of Federation army elements on Kwannon during the native revolt there and commander of the Third Fleet-Army Force headquartered on Poictesme during the System States War. (17; 13; 7)

9th Century AE (2743-2842 AD)


"Oomphel in the Sky" (published November 1960).

Miles Gilbert and Foxx Travis thwart native revolt on Kwannon. (14; 17)

Aditya discovered. (17; 10, p. 67)


Systems States Alliance secedes from Federation. (14)


System States War. (13; 14; 17)


Federation forces destroy city of Kindelburg on Asmodai. (13)


Complete defeat of Alliance. (13; 14; 17)


Ten thousand refugees from Abigor and the remnants of the System States Alliance navy flee the Terran Federation and, ultimately, settle Excalibur, the first Sword-World. (14; 17 says 854; 11)


Franchard's Rise and Decline of the System States published. (3, p. 16)


Conn Maxwell born. (13)


"Graveyard of Dreams" (published February 1958).
Junkyard Planet/The Cosmic Computer (published in 1963).

Merlin, the fabled Federation battle computer, is discovered on Poictesme by Conn Maxwell. (13; 17)

10th Century AE (2843-2942 AD)


Sword Worlds Joyeuse, Durendal and Flamberge colonized from Excalibur. (11; 14)


Odin, Marduk, Baldur, Aton, Isis, etc. (Isis? Osiris? Freya? Vishnu?) move toward various degrees of autonomy from Federation. (14; 11)  Ambassador Guido Kayn, Federation Special Resident, declares himself President of independent Republic of Marduk. (11, apocryphal)


Sword-World Haulteclere colonized from Joyeuse. (14; 11)  (Morglay? Colada? Tizon?)


Monarchy established on Marduk. (11)  Eduarda Gelderen, Mayor of Malverton, overthrows Republic of Marduk government, declaring herself Custodian of Marduk, later Queen. (11, apocryphal)


Aditya abandoned by (or secedes from) Federation. (10, p. 67)


Sword-World Gram colonized from Haulteclere. (14; 11)  (Curtana? Quernbiter? Twelfth Sword-World?) (10, 11)

11th Century AE (2943-3042 AD)


Interstellar Wars begin, a series of revolts and wars that lead to the collapse of the Terran Federation. (14, 17, 11)

12th Century AE (3043-3142 AD)


Terran Federation completely vanished. (14)
The "parallel between the buccaneers of the West Indies and the space-pirates in the days of the dissolution of the First Galactic Empire, in the Tenth Century of the Interstellar Era." (3;  Presumably this reference is to the dissolution of the Terran Federation, the first interstellar Terro-human government, nearly a thousand years—ten centuries—after the advent of the faster-than-light Dillingham hyperdrive in 183 AE.)


The last Federation President , Elisabet Stauber (of Terra), deposed by Admiral Odilon Soowert, Tyrant of Uller. (3, 11, apocryphal)

13th Century AE (3143-3242 AD)


Interstellar Wars come to an end. (17; 11, p. 12)

14th Century AE (3243-3342 AD)


First Sword-World ship returns from voyage to Old Federation; Aditya occupied by Morglay. (11, p. 10; 10, p. 87; 17; 14 says approximately 1450 AE)

15th Century AE (3343-3442 AD)


First Sword-World ships enter Old Federation space-volume. (14; see 1359 AE)

16th Century AE (3443-3542 AD)


After an unsuccessful raid on Aton by six ships from Haulteclere, Space Vikings no longer raid "civilized worlds" in the Old Federation. (11, p. 135, pp. 162-3; 17 says 1503)

17th Century AE (3543-3642 AD)


Aditya in the Old Federation abandoned during dynastic war on Morglay. (10, p. 65, p. 68)


Skathi in the Old Federation is deserted by Space Vikings. (11, p. 182; 17 says 1473)


Marduk-Odin "false war." (11, p. 166, p. 191)


During war between Aton and Baldur, the Planetary Nationalist Party takes power on Aton and forms a dictatorship. (11 p. 151; 17 says 1548 AE)

18th Century AE (3643-3742 AD)


Space Viking (published in 1962-63).

Lucas Trask leaves Gram for Tanith in the Old Federation. (11, p. 10)


Battle of Adhumla between Trask's nascent League and Dunnan's Space Vikings. (11)


With support from Haulteclere and Space Viking fleet from Xochitl, exiled Duke Omfray of Glaspyth attempts to overthrow King Angus of Gram. (11)

Battle of Marduk between alliance of Trask's nascent League and loyalist Mardukan forces and Dunnan's Space Vikings and Makann's Mardukan usurpers. (11)


King Lucas of Tanith and Prince Simon of Marduk establish League of Civilized Worlds. (14; 11)

19th Century AE (3743-3842 AD)


House of Bentrick on Marduk dissolves League of Civilized Worlds and proclaims (first) Galactic Empire. (14; 10, p. 87; 17 says 1848)

20th Century AE (3843-3942 AD)


Imperial Era (IE) dating system begins; 20th Century AE corresponds to 1st Century IE. (14)


Emperor Steven IV transfers capital of Galactic Empire from Marduk ot Odin. (14; 17 says 1936 AE)

21st Century AE (3943-4042 AD)


Sword Worlds added to the Galactic Empire. (14; 17 says 1904 AE)

22nd Century AE (4043-4142 AD)


"A Slave is a Slave" (published April 1962).

Aditya conquered by the Galactic Empire. (10)

23rd Century AE (4143-4242 AD)


Rodrik VI completes consolidation of (first) Galactic Empire. (14; 17 says 2162 AE)

24th Century AE (4243-4342 AD)

25th Century AE (4343-4442 AD)

26th Century AE (4443-4542 AD)

27th Century AE (4543-4642 AD)

28th Century AE (4643-4742 AD)

29th Century AE (4743-4842 AD)

30th Century AE (4843-4942 AD)

31st Century AE (4943-5042 AD)


"Ministry of Disturbance" (published December 1958).

Emperor Paul XXII and Prince Yorn Travann "undertake to arouse the Empire to new efforts". (17 says 2936 AE)

301st Century AE (31,943-32,042 AD)


"The Keeper" (published July 1957).

Scholar/explorers at the height of the Fifth Galactic Empire discover that a glacial Terra was the birthplace of humanity.

Other Chronologies

Mark Olson's Chronology (excerpt embedded in Olson's Concordance, 16 January 2000)

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