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This site is a collection of material for the Traveller® science-fiction role-playing game:

Space Viking: an historical "Third Imperium" campaign set among the Sword Worlds of the 2nd Century pre-Imperial.  This is the period of the Sacnoth Dominate when the Sword Worlders are expanding into interstellar space and is most akin to the setting of H. Beam Piper's novel Space Viking, the original inspiration for Traveller's Sword Worlds.

• The Earth Colonies: a non-canon campaign setting focused on 31st Century Earth and its independent former colonies in the surrounding interstellar space.  The setting utilizes three-dimensional maps for the campaign area based upon Earth's actual interstellar neighborhood.

• A list of published Traveller materials in the Hoard; and

Traskon New House (off-line only), an earlier version of this site.

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