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"Count Oliver has drawn his faithful sword at last. . . .  He swings it down with all chivalric force. . . .  The sword cleaves helmet, head, neck, spinal cord, the saffron mail, the flesh where it forks. . . .

The Song of Roland, verse 107 (translation by John DuVal)

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Image - Cleaved Helm

The Cleaved Helm blazon of the Sword World Haulteclere
(Image by Thomas "Lorc" Tamblyn)

The Space Viking Era

The Space Viking Era is an unofficial, historical "Official—or Original—Traveller Universe" (OTU) campaign setting for Traveller®, set among the Sword Worlds of the 2nd Century pre-Imperial.  This is the period of the Sacnoth Dominate when the Sword Worlders are expanding into interstellar space and is most akin to the setting of H. Beam Piper's Terro-human Future History novel Space Viking, an inspiration for Traveller's original Sword Worlds.

Image - Wave

The Irresitible Wave blazon of the Sword World Tizon
(Image by Thomas "Lorc" Tamblyn)

History of the Space Vikings

Sword Worlds history began with the settlement of Gram at the dawn of the Fourth Century, Pre-Imperial, by settlers fleeing the war-torn Old Earth Union on Terra.  Within just a few years the "First Colonies"—Joyeuse, Colada, Tizon and Hrunting—were settled from Gram in an effort to pre-empt the potential for Darrian expansion into the Sword Worlds subsector.

Another century passed before the "New Colonies"—Tyrfing, Balisarda (Sacnoth), Excalibur, Hofud, Durendal and Dyrnwyn and—were settled from Gram.  In this period limited contact was established with the Zhodani and the Darrians.

With time, Sacnoth began to challenge the historical leadership of Gram.  In the closing decades of the Third Century, Pre-Imperial, the "Far Colonies"—Orcrist, Anduril and Narsil—and the "Rim Colonies"—Beater, Sting and Biter—were settled from Sacnoth.  Shortly afterward, Gram settled the "Horseshoe Colonies"—Isenfang (Margesi), Haulteclere (Mjolnir) and Morglay (Gungnir).

Soon Sacnoth and Gram were at war.  Sacnoth emerged victorious and established the Sacnoth Dominate, claiming suzerainty over all of the Sword Worlds and moving into Tanoose (Vilis), Ginnungagap (Lanth), Sepireld (Lunion), Pilgrim (District 268), and Diadem (Glisten) subsectors

Image - Bull Helm

The Black Bull blazon of the Sword World Sacnoth
(Original image served by Ugens Horoskop)


Detailed information about the each of the Sword Worlds in the Space Viking era.

Image - Dragon Helm

The Red Wyrm blazon of the Sword World Gram
(Image by Thomas "Lorc" Tamblyn)

News Service

Based at New Kalmar on Gram, Anderspress is the oldest and most successful news service in the Sacnoth Dominate.  Established on Gram in 58 F.E., Anderspress has news gathering and reporting offices on every Dominate world as well as on some settled worlds in the Tanoose, Ginnungagap, Sepireld, Diadem and Pilgrim frontier regions.

Due to its early origins on Gram, Anderspress has not adopted many of the the naming conventions of the Dominate, preferring, for example, the original name "Balisarda" for Sacnoth itself—though it uses the term "Sacnoth Dominate" to refer to the interstellar government—and the original "Galatine" for Beater.  Because of this, Anderspress is sometimes viewed suspiciously by Dominate officials and by many holders on Sacnoth and those Sword Worlds originally settled from Sacnoth.

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