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"For no one in the Zaporogian Siech, the war encampment of the Cossacks along the bank of Father Dnieper, not even the Koshevoi Ataman himself, was better known to the Khan Mirai Tkha than Khlit, the Wolf."

— Harold Lamb, "Wolf's War"

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Harold A. Lamb (1892 - 1962) was perhaps best known for his historical writing, works such as Genghis Khan: The Emperor of All Men (Doubleday 1927), The Crusades (Doubleday 1931), Alexander of Macedon: The Journey to World's End, (Doubleday 1946), Charlemagne: The Legend and the Man (Doubleday 1954) and Hannibal: One Man Against Rome (Doubleday 1958).  But before he turned to non-fiction Lamb was an accomplished writer of historical adventure fiction, publishing stories in pulp magazines like Adventure and Argosy and novels like Marching Sands (Appleton 1920), The House of the Falcon (Appleton 1921), Durandal: A Crusader in the Horde (Doubleday 1931), Nur Mahal (Doubleday 1932) and Omar Khayyam (Doubleday 1934).  This site celebrates Lamb's adventure fiction.

Image - Khlit by John R. Neill

"Khlit," Adventure, November 3, 1917, cover illustration by John R. Neill
(Served by The Luminist League)


First publications of Lamb's adventure fiction, both stories and novels, as well as reprintings and reissues.

Image - Marching Sands by Small

Marching Sands, Argosy, October 25, 1919, cover illustration by Small
(Served by Galactic Central)


Lamb's linked adventure fiction stories and novels featuring shared characters and settings.

Image - Caravan of the Dead by Harold Lamb

The Caravan of the Dead, Argosy, October 25, 1919, cover illustration by unknown artist
(Served by Galactic Central)


A gallery of cover images and interior illustrations from Lamb's adventure fiction.

Image - Durandal by Allan McNab

Durandal: A Crusader in the Horde, Doubleday 1931, dust jacket illustration by Allan McNab
(Served by Davy Crockett's Almanack)


Lamb's adventure fiction that's currently in print, as well as linked to used editions of out-of-print works.

Image - Curved Saber by James Viles

The Curved Saber, Doubleday 1964, dust jacket photograph by James Viles
(Served by the Zaporogian Siech Hoard)


Links to other websites about Lamb's adventure fiction writing.

Image - Mighty Manslayer by Saul Lambert

The Mighty Manslayer, Doubleday 1969, dust jacket illustration by Saul Lambert
(Served by the Zaporogian Siech Hoard)


Lamb's adventure fiction works in the Zaporogian Siech hoard.

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